2014 | 09:00 | session with Trio Heinz Herbert

Camera work:

OPAK - a film by Eliane Bertschi & Elias Gamma

2014 | 08:00 | experimental


Camera work:

VOLKSFEST - a film by Beat Oswald

2014 | 08:48 | essay


Short film essay about the interference between patriotic mythology and political language in Switzerland. Extracts from political speeches of the last hundred years plus a visual insights on the biggest public festivalof Switzerland, the 'Eidgenössiches Schwing- und Älplerfest'.


4 GRAD KALTES WASSER – a film by Gabriel Studerus

2013 | 08:00 | experimental


Who is to blame for the Costa Concordia disaster? Anonymous entries in a blog are the starting point of a heated debate on blame and responsibility.

It is an armchair case law that ends in chaos and emotional upheaval, universal issues become more important than the actual accident.


• Winner "Best editing" kurz&schön festival cologne 2013


2013 | 01:20 | Trailer for SIC! Raum für Kunst


2012 | Trailer for 20th anniversary of Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts,

Video Departement.

Camera work:

ME, NOBODY & I - a film by Joerg Hurschler

2012 | 08:40 | essay


Heroes. Super heroes. Role models in the media. A personal inquiry into children's role models, TV stars and the question why we identify with cliché role models, and why we are influenced by them. An essay, a meditation, a firework of images which includes a wrestling ring, a speaking car and a trip through the desert - until the film maker finds the origins of this phenomenon.


2011 | 07:00 loop | 3-channel video installation


We get the news every day. And all the pictures to it, too.

Often they bear witness to terrible things, yet somehow we are magically drawn to the catastrophes out there. Unless we totally blank out world affairs, we all have to develop a kind of self-protective filter. We are constantly torn in this conflict between shock and curiosity. The large-scale video projection addresses the question of how society deals with todays flood of information and the sensationalist media coverage.


2011 | Bed by Anna Pedemonte, music by Andrin Uetz


Collaboration with Mauro Bolzern. Music by Pierre Audétat.

2007 | 20:00 | 3-channel video installation.

• Screened at Whitechapel Gallery London (single channel version)


2006 | 00:57